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Ministry of Higher Education Project Management Unit Higher Education Development Projects ::::::: Program for Continuous Improvement and Qualifying for Accreditation

Since continuous improvement is the crux of quality assurance, this improvement has to be founded on a set of reference standards and criteria that have to be adhered to at all times. Thus the rationale for fulfilling the objectives of the program lies in enabling the faculties that have the capabilities of instilling comprehensive improvement based on the reference standards to instigate an integrated project that will prepare them for accreditation.

In addition, other opportunities/chances will be granted to faculties that have not yet applied for continuous improvement projects, but recognize the need to focus on revolutionary transformation in one or more of the constituents of the educational process to get ready to apply for continuous improvement and qualifying for accreditation projects.

The underlying premise of this idea lies in dealing vertically with capable faculties acquiring the basic capabilities to engage directly in continuous improvement and qualifying for accreditation projects, and horizontally with the remaining faculties to improve/develop one or more of the required quality assets according to its needs based vision for future development.

This enables the project to serve the greatest number of faculties with the intent of instilling dynamic change in most of the Egyptian faculties and maximizing the benefit of the available funds while guaranteeing fair distribution. In addition the program will be able to upgrade the capability of faculties and universities to benefit from the allocated budget and provide alternative venues for developmental and quality projects.

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